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Written By: James Rintamaki on May 16, 2012 7 Comments
How to easily sign PDFs for free

In an effort to go completely paperless, I was presented with the problem of needing to sign a document that was emailed to me and send it back. Without having to print out the form to sign it nor needing access to a scanner or fax machine to send it back, you can simply take […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on February 4, 2012 4 Comments
3 quick ways to free up space on your SSD

I purchased an Intel X25-V 40GB SSD a while back, and with Windows 7 installed, I quickly found myself needing to find ways to free up space.  I especially ran into a problem as soon as I upgraded my memory from 4GB to 8GB, and even worse when I went to 12GB;  because the pagefile […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on July 29, 2010 2 Comments
Make cheaper calls from your cell phone using RebelSim Call Through

Would you like to call internationally from your mobile phone without having to pay the high per minute rates from your cell carrier or manually having to use a calling card and remembering to actually use the card in the first place?  Using the RebelSim Dialer Call through SIM, you can have your phone automatically […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on August 30, 2009 54 Comments
How to add your signature to PDFs for free

Have a PDF you need to sign and send back but don’t want to print, scan, and/or fax? Learn how to add your signature to a PDF using your camera phone and free tools!

Written By: James Rintamaki on July 31, 2009 8 Comments
Google Voice Tips and Tricks

Learn some neat tips and tricks for your Google Voice account — free calls, get calls even with no cell reception, browser speed dials, and more

Written By: James Rintamaki on July 2, 2009 4 Comments
Send and receive money from friends and family for free (using PayPal)

  Need your parents to send you some cash?  Do you pay the rent and have your roommates pay you back their share?  Oh perhaps a friend/family member just simply owes you money but just don’t want to have to deal with receiving and depositing a check?  Well, you can now (at least, as of […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on May 16, 2009 15 Comments
How to hide wall mounted speaker wires in your apartment for under $3

Do you live in an apartment and have speakers hanging on the wall with wires dangling down from them?  Try this trick – use plain, off white masking tape to hide them (or at least mask them).   Of the four different apartments I’ve lived in, every one of them has had off white walls.  […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on April 28, 2008 5 Comments

  I always find myself looking for deals for things I don’t need on craigslist, and I always forget what I emailed about when I actually get a ‘real’ reply from someone.  I usually use crazedlist.org to search for other cities around me (or cities I’ll be visiting soon), so when I get back a […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on March 21, 2008 No Comment

Today, www.giveawayoftheday.com is making available Evernote Beta for free!  Check it while you can — Of special note, one feature I think is great is it’s ability to index any notes you take (copy stuff from the web, take digital pictures of rebates/business cards/etc) and it can make any text in those images (even handwriting) […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on November 29, 2007 No Comment

  As many sites have posted, google maps just recently released their new version (2.0.0) which now does location tracking based off cell phone towers!  It’s not quite as accurate as a GPS based location, but as you can see from the pictures above, it’s pretty close!  Find out more information about Google Maps Mobile:http://www.google.com/gmm/mylocation.html […]

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