Review – Dell XPS M1210

Welcome to my review of the Dell XPS m1210 — as of right now, I basically just have some FEAR gameplay footage…but stay tuned for more!



Game Play Results

Please head over to my youtube uploads for videos of game play for F.E.A.R. (will try other games in a few days — check back for more!) — and yah, I know my gaming skills are a bit….sub par…but deal with it!

Here are the specifications of the system used (yes, it’s a bit old):

  • Intel Core Duo 1.86 (NOT core 2 duo)
  • 1gb (2×512) DDR2-667
  • Windows Media Center 2005
  • 60gb 7200RPM sata hdd
  • nVidia GeForce 7400m 256mb (only 64mb is actually dedicated, I believe)

With the settings as high as they can go, game play is VERY choppy. It’s hard to move/aim/etc because the response time of moving the mouse or pressing a key is slow. Running the game at the auto determined settings was much better — didn’t seem as smooth as it should be, but it plays great (just not as detailed effects, of course, as the high settings) and has quick response time. Don’t really know what else to do to “test” the game — any suggestions and I’ll post a video w/the results.

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