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Greasemonkey Script – Auto add a link to the listing in Craigslist emails

Written By: James Rintamaki on April 28, 2008 5 Comments


I always find myself looking for deals for things I don’t need on craigslist, and I always forget what I emailed about when I actually get a ‘real’ reply from someone.  I usually use crazedlist.org to search for other cities around me (or cities I’ll be visiting soon), so when I get back a bunch of craigslist emails, it can be time consuming to find the link to that specific listing to remind myself what I inquired about! 

This greasemonkey script I wrote will auto add the URL of the listing to the mailto: link in all craigslist ads.  So now, when you click the listing’s email address, and it creates a new email in your client (webmail, outlook, etc), it will not only auto fill in the TO and SUBJECT fields like normal, but will also add the URL to that listing in the BODY so you can easily reference it when the seller replies to your message!

Download it here:  craigslist add email url

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