Review – Amazon MP3 is now offering DRM-free music downloads with more popular songs at $0.89, and others at $0.99 all at 256kbps bit rate!  It’s simple to buy too, you just need to:

  • find the song you want,
  • add it to your cart,
  • purchase,
  • and download straight from their site.

AND finally, a music site that’s firefox friendly!.  You can also opt to download their music downloader software, but it is not necessary, which is just a simple download manager for amazon music downloads (it’s nice for what it is, it will automatically add the downloaded songs to your windows media player play list).  Also, unlike walmart, it’s easy to search for mp3’s because all they (amazon) have are mp3s (whereas walmart has a mix, and last time I used it, it was hard to find mp3’s vs wma’s)

(goto mp3 downloads)

here’s some screen shots of purchasing/downloading a song (using their downloader):

1.  Find a song
(click image to enlarge)


2. Purchase the song 


3.  Download the song (using amazon downloader) — and if you weren’t using the amazon downloader, you would/could just have the direct .mp3 download instead of the .amz here.

Then from here, it downloads and is available for listening! simple, quick, and cheap!

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  1. I <3 Amazon mp3 service. I like iTunes’ store, but I won’t do DRM. When I was able to strip it off and keep my .m4a’s, I was ok w/ iTunes… but once the DRM “stuck”, no more. I’ve been buying stuff out of Amazon a lot lately. Prices are good, the sound quality is great at 256K. They are adding a lot of stuff it seems. I spent an evening just going thru the Smithsonian’s collection on there. Good stuff.

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