HowTo – Civic headlights removal

need to replace the parking/turn signal bulbs?  got some new fancy headlights?  here’s how to take out the old ones! (from a 96-00 civic)

civic headlight

Prerequisite steps:

Time to complete:

  • remove bumper = ~15 min
  • remove headlight = ~5 min

Tools needed:

  • 10mm wrench / socket

How To guide:

(view larger image)

taking out the headlights is quite simple – first take off the bumper (linked above)

(view larger image)

then take out the top two bolts…

(view larger image)

now take out the bolt in the fender area….

(view larger image)

then take out this bolt, and you are done!

you should now be able to pull the headlight free.  It is not a ‘simple’ pull-the-headlight-out motion, rather you need to wriggle it around, tilt it, slide it, etc until you can find the right way to make it come out — but with these four bolts out, there is nothing holding it in there other than the wires connected to the bulbs (which should give you more than enough slack to pull it a little bit from the car)

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