HowTo – Civic front bumper removal

here’s a how-to for removing the front bumper from an Honda Civic (96-00, EK):

howto-civic front bumper removal

Time to complete:

  • < 20 minutes

Tools needed:

  • 10mm socket wrench
  • #1-#3 phillips screw drivers (big and small)

DIY guide

bumper overview
(view larger image)

here’s an overview of the screws you’ll be removing — 5 on the grill, one in each wheel well, and then two bolts on the under side

grill screws
(view larger image)

you’ll want to first remove these 5 plastic screws. Since I have done a conversion to a 99 front end, I can’t remember if there were the 2 screws at the dotted lines, if so, remove those too!

(view larger image)

on the bottom of the bumper, you’ll see two bolts holding it to the frame — you can’t miss them — take these out!

wheel well
(view larger image)

in each wheel well, right at the corner where the bumper meets the fender, there should be a screw holding them together. You’ll have to peel/pull back the wheel well plastic a bit to get at the screw.

wheel well
(view larger image)

The bumper should now be free to be removed. Carefully start pulling the bumper straight away from the car — you may need to help the sides near the headlights/fender as they tend to get caught up on something whenever I pull mine off, but it’s nothing you can just ‘wiggle’ to get free — viola! it’s off!

Be sure not to forget to put the foam brick thing back on before replacing the bumper! (I didn’t picture it here, but you’ll know what I’m talking about once you remove the bumper).

10 thoughts on “HowTo – Civic front bumper removal”

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  3. Actually there are two more self-taping screws attached at each side about a foot away from the 10 mm bolt holding the bumper and fender guard.

  4. Thankyou! Very clear and simple. Just bought a car and the only paint peel is on the front bumper. A lot easier to paint it if it’s not attached to the car!

  5. Excellent pictures! My car has plastic clips at the two dotted locations. My plastic clips don’t have a philips head. They are unmarked, and you have to pry the center out and then the entire clip can be removed. The 10mm bolts on the bottom were damaged by hitting something, so it took a little work to get the socket over the head. Thank you very much!

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