2 thoughts on “Review Dell XPS m1330”

  1. I like this model, but I dislike the fact that the M1210 was discontinued since I believe it beat this model in the following aspects: rotating webcam, 256 MB video card available, smaller screen, phone line modem included, more usb ports.

  2. Hi,I am really grateful of this compelete review,I want to buy my first laptop and I am really interested in xps M1330,I have been gathering information and reviews of this product for several months but I have some questions yet which have been written below,would you help me please?

    1-I am worried about the glossy screen(with LED option),does the reflection really disturb you when you are working on it?(gaming,watching movie or normal use)

    2-My other choice is SONY VAIO SZ6 series, but the design and entertainment services of M1330(remote control,touch screen buttons,direct media service especially 128MB dedicated graphic card-sony has 64MB-) attracted me a lot.
    What do you recommend me to do?

    I have heard a lot about the quality of SONY’s laptop screens ,but I do not know wether it is really better than the DELL XPS M1330’s screen or not,If anybody knows help me please,
    Making the long story short,I am in doubt between VAIO SZ 6 series and XPS M1330(just these two models),
    I beg you people recommend me please.
    Please answer to my Email : [email protected]

    sincerely yours.

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