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Written By: James Rintamaki on September 25, 2008 No Comment
Coming soon:  Lenovo Ipad S10 Review

Also coming soon, is my review of the Lenovo Ipad S10 — another netbook, only this one is a 10.2″ one (to compete with the asus eeepc 1000h and the like). Just got the shipping confirmation yesterday, so look for the review in the upcoming days! (as always, have something you want to know? Tell […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on September 24, 2008 No Comment
Coming soon:  Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (910) Review

Ah, the sweet new trend of netbooks! Just received my Dell Inspiron Mini 9 the other night, and am in the process of writing up the review. My initial thoughts? It’s about on par with the other mini laptops I’ve used (Acer Aspire One, EEE PC, Fujitsu P7120, etc). When compared with the Aspire One […]

Written By: James Rintamaki on September 24, 2008 14 Comments
Coming soon: Lenovo IdeaPad U330 Review

I just got my shipping confirmation for the new Lenovo U330 13.3″ laptop! It’s should arrive on Thursday, but depending on if they leave it at my door, I probably won’t be able to pick it up till Friday, so stay tuned this weekend! (I will post a link on this post to the review […]

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