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Guitar Hero Mobile III Review (on the ATT Tilt)

Written By: James Rintamaki on April 9, 2008 4 Comments


WinPlay.com just released Guitar Hero Mobile (direct link) for mobile phones, so, being the Guitar Hero fan I am, I had to buy it and try it out!  What did I think? — It’s definitely worth the money ($15 one time purchase, $5/mo subscription)!  I chose to go with the one time buy because I could easily see my self playing this after 3 months, assuming it’s good, and I hate to waste money, haha.   

The game play is very similar to that of the “non mobile” versions, such as on playstation or xbox, other than it’s only 3 keys instead of 5.  At first I thought it would be way too easy with three keys, but when playing expert it was hard enough to be fun.  You start out with 15 songs, 4 to begin with, and like the real game, you have to play through career mode to unlock the other 11.  Here is a list of differences from the mobile version to the console version:

  • 3 keys instead of 5
  • Songs are not nearly as long and fade out in the middle of the song when done
  • Fewer characters and guitars
  • No vs gameplay
  • No ‘buying’ songs

Other than those items listed, the game is pretty much the same as full blown guitar hero!  You have the note streak count, star power, rock meter, different venues, requirement to beat career mode to unlock songs, etc.  Playback was not completely smooth, but I do not know if that is an issue with the video drivers on my HTC phone or what, but it’s good enough to play and enjoyable.  It comes with a good variety of songs, game play is intuitive and hard enough to be fun, and works in portrait or landscape.

guitar hero mobile gameplay screenshot

One thing that bugs me is that each time you play a different song, it has to download it and then delete the song you just played…  To get around that, at least in windows mobile, is browse to your guitar hero directory and make that song read only!

Conclusion?  Go buy and download it!!  Check out my youtube review here which has gameplay, side-by-side comparison for easy, medium, and hard, and more:


  • Just like the console version
  • Hard enough difficulty to be fun
  • 3 new downloadable songs every month
  • Landscape and Portrait support


  • Not free (haha)
  • Playback is a LITTLE choppy
  • Cannot assign buttons
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4 Responses to “Guitar Hero Mobile III Review (on the ATT Tilt)”

  1. Sharon on: 1 January 2009 at 9:08 pm

    I downloaded Guitar hero III to my at&t tilt and the pad does not register as guitar strums. The songs stops after a few seconds because I failed to complete the guitar lick. Any help you could give would be much appreciated.
    Sharon M.

  2. Lara on: 7 April 2009 at 3:56 am

    i downloaded the guitar hero on my nokia e71. everytime i open it, it says ‘please return to portrait mode’. would you know how to do that ?

  3. Conrad on: 5 May 2009 at 10:07 pm

    I’m having the same issue Lara, is there a fix??

  4. nel on: 31 May 2009 at 10:14 am

    im having the same problem, anyone know yet?

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