How to flash the bios on a Foxconn nT-330i

I recently bought two Foxconn nT-330i machines (dual core, atom n330, mini desktops) and found myself needing to flash the bios.  However, I installed Windows 7 64bit and Linux on them and unfortunately there’s no easy utility to flash the bios from within either of those operating systems (the Foxconn bios utility only works in 32bit Windows).  


However, that’s when I came across and found that you can simply put the bios files on a bootable USB drive and update the bios that way.   However, I had a bit of trouble finding the correct boot files so I figured I’d elaborate on his post in case anyone else has any troubles:


  1. Download the following:
  2. Insert your USB drive (or SD card, etc) and run the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.  Note that you may get a permissions error:
    To get around this, right click and Run as Administrator:
  3. In the HP tool: select your USB drive (A),
    choose FAT32 (B),
    check “Quick Format”, “Create a DOS startup disk”, and browse to where you extracted the Win98 System Files (C),
    click Start (D),
    and click Yes (E)
  4. With that done, you now have a bootable USB drive (if you have hidden/protected files visible, you should see “COMMAND.COM”, “IO.SYS”, and “MSDOS.SYS”):
    win98 files
    What you want to do now is copy over the extracted files from the bios zip (you only need the .ROM file, AFUDOS.EXE, and DOSFLASH.BAT):
    copy bios
  5. Safely remove the flash drive from your computer, plug it into your Foxconn, and boot it up.  While it’s booting up, press F11 to bring up the boot options and select your flash drive.  You should then be presented with a Windows 98 boot screen for a second and then be at a command prompt.

    From here, you want to type in ‘dosflash.bat’ and then press enter:
    dos prompt

  6. The bios updater should do the rest automatically (calling afudos with the required parameters) and once it’s done, you should be presented with a “CMOS checksum destroyed” and “Program ended normally”:
    dos flash successful
  7. Almost done – now you’ll want to reboot (and remove the flash drive).  During the first reboot, you’ll get a message saying “CMOS Checksum Bad” and you’ll want to press F2 to load the defaults – otherwise, things like not being able to specify the sleep mode will not be possible (not sure why, but just do it!):
    press f2 load defaults


And that’s it – you’ve just flashed the bios!  (thanks again to!)

9 thoughts on “How to flash the bios on a Foxconn nT-330i”

  1. After I wrote “dosflash.bat” it appears that seems to be ok but in a moment it gave me this: “Error: File ROM ID incorrect” . :|

    Csan You help me with this problem? 10X!

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  3. Thanks very much for the tutorial. It really helped me flash the bios on my Foxconn mobo. Everything went well :-)

  4. Hello.

    Do you have a copy of the BIOS files? I can find the file on the net

    Thanks for the information on how to update the BIOS.

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