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I can’t express how excited I am over LogMeIn’s release of Hamachi for Windows Mobile (download it here) — though it may have been out for a while, but I just found out today!  This opens so many doors for connecting your pda/phone to your hamachi network. 

for those who don’t know, hamachi is a free vpn client which can connect all your computers together as if they were on the same network, even when they’re not, onto their own virtual network (vpn).  It works behind firewalls and creates a secure connection between all computers (read more about hamachi security framework here).

What makes hamachi great is it’s ability to simply connect computers that are on different networks.  For example, I have a desktop and server at home, and I have my laptop which I carry with me where ever I go.   With hamachi, I can connect to either of those computers (from my laptop) as if I were at home — what I mean by this, is if I want to access a file from my desktop, I just go to start->run-> \jrindesktopmusicasong.mp3.   With hamachi installed on both my desktop and laptop, I can access files when I’m home, or on the go!

Not only is this useful for basic file access and sharing, but you can also do remote desktop (though using LogMeIn’s software is usually a better experience for remote desktop when not on the same physical network), map network drives, print remotely, virtual lan parties (gaming and such), and so much more!

Installation is a snap as well – simply download the hamachi installer and run it, power it on and create a nickname (ie:  “jRinDesktop”, “jRinPhone”, etc), and then join or create a network ( ie: “jRinNet”) with a password.  Then that’s it!  All computers connected to the same network are now (for most intents and purposes) as if they were all connected to the same router!

Installing it on my phone was just as easy as installing it on a computer — simply download the cab file from their site, copy it over to the phone, run it, and create a nickname and join my network! 

What do I use hamachi for regularly?

  • Printing from my laptop, to my home printer (connected to my desktop), when I’m away from home
  • Remote desktop’ing to my desktop’s at home to use software I don’t have installed on my laptop
  • Run backups of my family and friends’ computers to my server (albeit this is slow, but only because most people’s upload speeds are slow :- )
  • Have access to my laptop or desktop when I’m using a computer that’s not my own (during boring labs at gatech, for example, haha)

And now that I have hamachi on my phone:

  • Access all my files on my laptop and desktop from my PHONE (this is useful cause sometimes my laptop battery is dead, and I need that document for class I have on my desktop, so I can now just use my phone and put the file on my SD card!)
    • I do this using TotalCommander (a free file manager replacement for windows mobile), and then just type in the machine name (ie: \jrindesktop)
  • Copying pictures and movies taken with my phone to my laptop or desktop

What I want to TRY to do:

  • Print to my desktop at home!
  • Be able to access files on my phone from a computer (instead of other way around)
  • Remote desktop!! (I can’t seem to get logmein to work on my phone… )

Over the next few days,  I hope to find new and interesting things to do with ‘mobile hamachi’ — I’ll update this post if I discover anything!!  Now go out and get a smartphone (if you don’t already) and install hamachi!!

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14 thoughts on “Hamachi now available for Windows Mobile”

  1. Hamachi is the shizz! I was using the beta, but haven’t used it much lately since I put dd-wrt on my router and use OpenVPN. I think the idea of a crossover between AIM and VPN is ingenious. Can’t wait to see what you do with the mobile.

  2. Remote Desktop works fantastic… and is my primary use for Hamachi Mobile. It has gotten me out of several sticky situations. I also love the fact that I can remote into my work pc, send an email, open my network specific apps, and upload myself files using various upload websites.

    Very nice!

  3. I have seen a number of posts referring to the mobile client for Hamachi. But darned if I can find the download anywhere. I sure would be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction.


  4. CORRECTION — that link is to the straight up windows version… hmpf, I can’t find the windows mobile beta version anymore either…. I”ll see if I can find some old backup copies from back when I wrote this post!

  5. Thanks James. I actually kept digging and just found a copy buried in an XDA thread. Do you happen to know if it will work with my phone being attached to the Internet via WiFi? It seems to error out and says I must configure a network. I think maybe it does not like the fact that I use WiFi to connect. I do not have a data plan on my phone. I was hoping to access my music files while on the road. I access them just fine while at home using Pocket Player (works great with UPnP.)

  6. @Larry G — I too am having issues getting it to work over WiFi. However, my error ma have to do with the particular ROM I am using w/my at&t fuze. I am getting an error saying it can’t connect through my proxy (even though I do not have on explicitly setup, though I think there may be a hidden one cooked within the rom).

    Have you had any luck?

  7. Please, help me to configure hamachi on my htc wm6
    I can’t share the files of my pc with my phone !! i tried with Total Commander and I got the error 53.

  8. thanks man… how come i dont see this listed in logmein’s site. all i see is for iphone. but thanks anyway. i’ll give this a try.

  9. I have seen a number of posts referring to the mobile client for Hamachi. But darned if I can find the download anywhere. I sure would be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction.


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