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Welcome to my page of desktop wallpapers. I’ve always enjoyed finding sites with high resolution pictures for backgrounds, so I figured I’d finally do something with the gig’s of pictures I’ve taken and contribute! Each wallpaper post has both normal and widescreen in resolutions ranging from 800×600 to 2560×2048. They are listed in chronological order from when they were posted (newest = first). Enjoy!

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2008_06_27_constellation thumb

2008_06_01_arecibo thumb

2008_05_30_forest_top thumb

2008_05_30_rainbow thumb

2007_07_29_oceancityboardwalk thumb

2007_07_24_oceancitysunrise thumb

2007_07_23_oceancitybike thumb

2007_07_11_fuzzymoth thumb

2007_07_11_innerharbor thumb

2007_06_13_disney thumb

2007_06_13_atlnight thumb

2007_06_13_greatfalls thumb

2007_06_13_friendlycat thumb

2007_06_13_frozentwig thumb

2007_06_11_treeingmouse thumb

2007_06_11_upatree thumb

2007_06_11_galvestonsunset thumb

2007_06_10_rosecloseup thumb

2007_06_10_seagulls thumb

2007_06_10_skybranches thumb

2007_06_09_reflection thumb

waterpipe thumb

creek waterfall thumb

quartz thumb

bare trees thumb

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